Must Be Christmas, the Oven’s on Fire

I can always tell when it’s Christmas time; some minor catastrophe usually occurs in my household.  Most people celebrate by opening presents and singing carols.  I celebrate by setting my oven on fire.  It’s not that I don’t want to fix our Christmas dinner; I think it’s God looking down and saying, “hey, think quick!” just to see if we’re paying attention.  He must have gotten quite a chuckle watching us try and figure out what to do.  Here’s two quasi-intelligent adults and one mildly challenged dog all standing in front of the oven watching the flames leap and dance while saying to one another, “what do ya think we should do? Let it burn itself out?  Toss some logs in?  Throw water on it?  Wow, would ya look at that smoke!  I know!! Let’s toss some flour on it – that should put those flames out.”  Two cups of flour later, the fire is indeed out and there’s no way in Hades my potatoes au gratin casserole is going in that oven. 

Thank goodness for microwave/convection combinations — that casserole cooked up in no time and Christmas dinner was served almost on time.  I’ll worry tomorrow about cleaning up the oven; heck, with all that burned flour, I’m fondly reminded of my childhood and the time I tried to make muffins in my Easy Bake Oven…that didn’t turn out well, either.

 Merry Christmas!


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